Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Do They Work For?

I was one of the many Americans who opposed and expressed my opposition to the $700 billion dollar bailout. I am in New York and expressed my objections to both out Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton and our house rep. John McHugh. I promised if they sell out our future, I would vote against all three in future elections. I think all Americans should do the same thing.

The only one to respond was Clinton. From my past postings, you all know I was a strong supporter of Hillary. I am withdrawing that support. I plan to vote her out the first chance I get. I also plan to do the same for all of them. Here is the response I received today from her defending her vote. We are all seeing now how this blank check is useless and has done nothing.

Thank you for your views on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. I appreciate your concern and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

The market turmoil over the past month has exacted a heavy toll on Wall Street and unfortunately, now the crisis has spread to Main Street. What began as a wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures limited to risky subprime mortgages quickly unraveled into a national housing crisis, driven deeper by complex securities designed to hide unacceptable risks and irresponsible investments. We soon learned that the losses from those mortgages created a ripple effect engulfing not only the irresponsible mortgage lenders and the banks that wrote their loans, but also our largest financial institutions and nearly every segment of our financial sector.

The normal credit markets ceased to function with banks unwilling to lend to each other and soon ordinary businesses and consumers were unable to secure the lines of credit they need and rely upon to survive. The lack of standard market functioning and the cascading collapse of financial institutions have had a devastating impact on all Americans. Our economy lost 159,000 jobs this past month alone, and we are on the cusp of a recession that threatens the entire nation with manufacturing, auto sales, retail sales, and economic growth all on the decline. America is currently undergoing a severe threat to our nation's economic security. Businesses are finding it hard to receive credit, limiting transactions and preventing salary disbursal. Pension plans and other retirement accounts have lost a great deal of value due to falling investor confidence and market manipulation. Several of our nation's largest banking institutions have failed or were forced to reorganize to survive. Hardworking Americans are unable to keep up with their mortgage payments and face the threat of losing their homes.

Swift action was needed, but it was clear the Treasury Department's original plan was a blank check to the banks that enabled this crisis. I worked with my colleagues and I am pleased that Congress mandated additional oversight controls and installed accountability measures so that the Treasury Department's rescue program is run effectively and responsibly. The bipartisan legislation allows for a variety of options to address the crisis, including expanding the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) guarantee on bank deposits, an option for capital injections to healthy but vulnerable banks that serve our communities, and many important tax breaks for struggling homeowners. The legislation also includes tax provisions I supported which enhance energy research and development, to end our dependence on foreign oil, and adjustments to help middle class families with home heating bills and protect them from the alternative minimum tax (AMT). As a result, the Federal Reserve has begun paying interest on commercial bank reserves and will extend billions of dollars in its loan program to impacted banks.

As Senator from New York, I have seen thousands of my constituents lose their jobs. I believe that enacting these measures was a difficult but necessary decision to prevent tens of thousands more from losing their livelihoods, but it is also clear that we must do more to help the middle class, create more jobs, and regain economic stability. I have proposed several initiatives to bolster the economy and help families navigate these difficult times. I believe establishing a Home Owners Mortgage Enterprise (HOME), allowing home owners and mortgage companies to renegotiate the terms of home mortgages, will help families keep their homes through affordable payments. A similar program helped prevent widespread home loss during the Great Depression, and we must take action now to keep families in their homes and prevent the housing crisis from deepening this economic downturn.

We must also develop a broad strategy to stem job losses and support small business owners as the market adjusts in the coming months. I recently called on the Department of Labor to approve a grant allowing New York State to study the impact of the ongoing economic crisis on working families. These steps will be an important beginning to our nation's difficult recovery process, and I pledge to continue representing the workers and families of New York and America. Moreover, I have called on the President and the Treasury Secretary to create a $250 billion "Emergency Stabilization Fund" to make emergency loans and establish temporary lines of credit for small businesses, to allow schools and universities to have short term access to funding to reduce the pressure on tuition, to increase direct loans to students as private lending has dried up, and to help stabilize our state and local governments, enabling them to provide essential services while reducing the pressure to increase property taxes. Finally we must pursue long term market reforms to curb the excessive risk, rampant speculation and irresponsible lending and borrowing that began this crisis.

Again, thank you for your letter regarding our economic challenges ahead. I hope you will share your thoughts and concerns with me as we continue to address this important issue before the United States Senate. For regular updates, please check my website at


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama equals Socialism

Barrack Obama, the great hope of the little guy. I that true? In my opinion and by hearing and reading his policies, I see nothing but an big idea to turn our great nation in a socialist country.

If you have followed any of the nations in the world that were based off a socialist economy, they failed. The core base of Communism was based off socialist theories and we all seen where that ended up.

It is your job to take care of YOU! Do you really want a government who tells you ever move to make and control how much you can earn. Look at Social Security. It is a financial disaster and that is a huge socialist policy. We have senior citizens that are eating Alpo. Why? Because they believed the government propaganda that made them believe that Social Security would give them a comfortable retirement.

These are scary times. Not because we have a collapsing ecoonmy. Because we are scared into thinking that it is failing. The economy is cyclic and will recover, do not allow your government to change the free market economy onto a socialist republic.

Vote who you think is best for you. For me, Obama is not the best for me or any Americans.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Online Gaming Guide

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One of the fun things many people enjoy doing is playing in casinos. Though Online gambling is no longer allowed for the United States, there are still cool sites for other countries. I check out one of them that is an awesome guide.

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The site has so much information and guides that it would be impossible to tell you all that they offer. Some of the cool features include free slots games that offer cash prizes. They also have a beginner guide that answers all the question you would have regarding Online gaming. From where to play right up to the tax consequence, this guide is a great resource to read prior to any Online gambling.

I checked out their Casino reviews and it gives you great insight into the different Online casinos and what each of them offer. I spent over an hour checking out all the information that is available on this site. If you are new to Online gambling or just want to sharpen your skills, this site is well worth the visit. Just remember, it is in German!

I found this site well designed and easy to navigate. It loaded quickly and the whole design flowed well. I personally am no longer into Online casinos. However, if I still played, I would check out this site just for the shear wealth of information. There is something for everyone.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Ads At Stumble Here

It is always exciting when you are looking for something and you find what you are looking for. Stumble Here is a site where you can Post Free Local Classified Ads to attract a wide array of buyers. It is also a great way to look for bargains.

I recently went on a search for a new Honda. I love the cars but they hold such a high resell that it is hard to find one for cheap. Once I checked out Stumble Here, I was found what I wanted with in 40 miles from my house. It turns out that it was in really good shape and was cheap.

I wanted to blog about this site because it was unique. Not only did they offer free ads, they also offered Articles about different categories and why people place certain kinds of ads. It was very informative to read and very unusual for a free classified site to have content like this.

This site is easy to use and takes just a few minutes to list you ad either nationwide or locally. I was impressed with the quick loading site and the design is well done. I have included a few links so you can check it out for yourself. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Closest Racist For President

With Hillary done for, the Democrats last hope is a closest racist. I for one would rather take my chances and vote for McCain than to vote for Obama. Between his past relationship with a racist church and his past relationships with people with extreme racist views, it is hard pressed to deny that he too is a racist.

Many have suggested that Obama if Obama chooses Clinton as his running mate, he will pull in her supporters. I say that is crap. I have been an active Hillary supporter but I will not vote for Obama even if he chooses Hillary.

I am very sure that McCain will continue the policies of Bush. However, at least I am sure where he is coming from. Obama changes with the wind and will deny anything to get elected. He stood by his church until it was causing bad polls then he chose to distance himself from them. He is a smooth talking snake that is not right for the nation.

Please feel free to share your own opinion.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The New Release of

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Looking for a boost of energy, Hype Energy is what you are looking for. The website I was asked to review is all about the Hype Energy Drinks. The Launch is just about to happen and it is one of the coolest websites I have seen. The effects are cool and the website is so well designed that it makes you want to see everything they have to offer.

I scanned through the site and it is loaded with some great information about the Hype Drinks. The effect when you first visit the site gives you a rush as a roaring race car comes flying by. The site is not completed and some of the links are still not working but I am sure all that will be fixed by time this site is publicly released. They will include music, videos, a store and more all connected to the Hype Energy Drinks. will even be offering ring tones and screen-savers to bring the power of Hype to your phone. This looks like a great website and I look forward to the full official Lauch. I recommend that you check out this website and see for yourself. Be prepared for a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's Next for the Democrats

Here we go again. Yesterday was another split decision as Obama took North Carolina and Clinton took Indiana. It is looking like the Super Delegates will decide the outcome.

I am amazed that through all the controversy surrounding Obama, the press still loves the guy and people are still blinded by his charm. North Carolina was no surprise because of the large black vote. However, other parts of the country surprise me as it is clear that even if Obama himself was not a racist, those around him clearly are.

There looks like little chance that Clinton will pull out the nomination. With such a small win in Indiana, I see little chance for her to pull out a major comeback.

What is your thoughts on last nights primaries?