Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama equals Socialism

Barrack Obama, the great hope of the little guy. I that true? In my opinion and by hearing and reading his policies, I see nothing but an big idea to turn our great nation in a socialist country.

If you have followed any of the nations in the world that were based off a socialist economy, they failed. The core base of Communism was based off socialist theories and we all seen where that ended up.

It is your job to take care of YOU! Do you really want a government who tells you ever move to make and control how much you can earn. Look at Social Security. It is a financial disaster and that is a huge socialist policy. We have senior citizens that are eating Alpo. Why? Because they believed the government propaganda that made them believe that Social Security would give them a comfortable retirement.

These are scary times. Not because we have a collapsing ecoonmy. Because we are scared into thinking that it is failing. The economy is cyclic and will recover, do not allow your government to change the free market economy onto a socialist republic.

Vote who you think is best for you. For me, Obama is not the best for me or any Americans.


Anonymous said...

Obama is an idiot. He has no clue about what to do and his actions are determined by others - Soros - just to name one. He should be called the bobble-head teleprompter president. What a loser! He can't figure things out any better than those other idiots - Pelosi, Reid, and Frank. Just listen to what Pelosi says and she will make you want to rip your ears off. Reid - what a jerk. Doesn't give a flip about anyone except himself and has his nose so far up someone's buttocks, that it ain't funny. Barney Frank? You mean Barney Rubble? Frank is a FRICKEN IDIOT!!! Why the HECK is he still in office? He should have resigned in shame. He can't manage his own finances and yet he and others want to spend our money for us? Bunch of buttwipes all of them and they need to be voted out!!! NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama was re-elected. It is hard to believe that America would fall not by some external super power attacking and destroying America but by the foolishness of the radical left. Obama is determined to destroy America. He is doing this by using spending as a weapon of mass destruction, taxation, and the elimination of our military. America has fallen and it is time to get out. Our unemployment is actually over 24% and will grow at a never before seen rate now that Obama has been re-elected. If you are reading this and you have the means you should consider my words carefully. Your income doesn't matter as regardless of income your taxes will increase by 26% over the next 3 years thanks to Obama Care. A medical program that helps no one and ensures that those who can't afford medical insurance don't get medical care at all. It is so sad to see America destroyed and so hard to believe that people aren't smart enough to see the obvious. Like the Roman Empire and other world powers over the ages America will soon be no more. I supposed if you are a terrorist group you have reason to celebrate as for the American patriot it is a great time of morning. It is also time to start packing. You should move out of America as quickly as possible as I believe this will become more difficult over the next 4 years if not impossible. If it is not made illegal it will become financially impossible as we have a president that believes in 100% taxation and will ensure that you pay so much for food, gas and other basics that you will be in worse shape here in America than you would be in a 3rd world country. Some of you won't believe me and some will want to comment on what I have said. I won't be reading your comments as I am getting my family out while I can. It is with a very heavy heart that I am saying good bye to a country that I love. America is dying and it will take you with it if you don't get out now.